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ive got 2 ?s below plz read all 2 understand?

Question by Tena95: ive got 2 ?s below plz read all 2 understand?
i pierced my own tounge bout a week ago an it didnt swell that bad an i thought it may b ok but now there is white stuff cumin out of both ends an its sore when i twist my tounge an theres a weird lil hump in front of the hole on tha top of my tounge an i brush my teeth 2-3 times a day an swish it out with mouthwash an water an use a swab to remove tha white stuff an my ring gets caught on my food when i eat an hurts really bad wat shud i do an is all this normal?

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Answer by Chris
Your tongue is infected and the mouth wash is not the thing to use it will only make it worse. You will have to go to the doctor for antibiotics. In the meantime use salt diluted in warm water to rinse your mouth but get to a doctor as soon as you can.

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